Cleaning Maintenance Tips and Suggestions

Cleaning Maintenance Tips and Suggestions

Regular maintenance reduces long-term deterioration of your surface. Chemically sealing the surface once thoroughly dry will reduce the likelihood of contaminants entering the surface again.

The initial cost of cleaning the property/machinery might be higher if left until it drastically needs doing, rather than a small and less time consuming, less expensive regular pressure clean. Once clean, the cost to keep it clean is far less.

The common issues:

Tip 1: Regular Cleaning

To reduce slips and falls due to building up of mould and/or grease on paths and driveways!  Important for those areas that might be on an incline or those high traffic areas.

Tip 2: Sealing the surface.

The big question? Should it be sealed? There is a lot to consider. One must ask what was the cost to clean the surface, and if it is cleaned, let’s say twice a year, how does this compare to applying paint or a sealer?. There are many types of sealers and paints, and a well-qualified paint supplier will be able to advise. The choice is endless, there are single-pack, oil, and water based, and then we can move onto epoxy and two pack products.  Often the more you pay, the better the product. Check to see what Uv status the product has and if it will yellow with time. Will the surface be slippery and is a slip additive required?.  How long will the product last in your traffic environment? When and how is the coating reapplied when the time comes? How toxic is the product and how is it applied?. These questions will give you something to consider. But remember before applying any type of sealer/paint if this is what you decide, prepare the surface well. High pressure clean, preferably with hot water, and if required choose the correct chemical, that will help etch and prep the surface.

Tip 3: Surface Preparation and Finish

We at Blue Tongue Industries, clean a variety of surfaces. When we High-Pressure Clean Wash Blast, we are controlled by the surface in which we are cleaning. For example, a job that has been painted and has been prepared correctly. Painted with a good quality product will be of a smoother texture with a higher sheen and tighter bond. This surface will be more resilient to hold the dirt and contaminants and thus the job will be quicker, cheaper and look cleaner. If we compare this to a surface that was not prepared correctly, rough and undulated, with a lesser quality sealer. This will more likely hold dirt and contaminants easier.  We can then talk about the surfaces directly, where a rough acrylic or cement render is very porous and is a gem for holding dirt. Compared to a surface that might have been chosen such as a fine render,  Alucobond or a smooth wood paneling. If you want something to stay clean, choose your finished surfaces closely.  When restoring an old surface, use quality paints and sealers and take time to prep the surface correctly. As the old saying goes.. “the finish is always in the preparation”.

Tip 4: Time is money.

As the saying goes ” Time is money “. Let’s say you let the surface “Go”,” age” and extend your time between cleaning. We at Blue Tongue industries will be required to take a longer time to clean the surface. Why not ask us what the cost would be involved to put in a maintenance plan and keep the area regularly cleaned.

Tip 5: Enjoy the benefits.

Why is it so? Why do we clean the car, fix the scratches, dents or that door handle that does not work prior to selling the vehicle? Only to let the new owner enjoy the clean sparkling car. As much as it is in our interests to increase the price of the returns of the vehicle. Why not clean and fix the car well before and enjoy the benefit. We at Bluetongue offer a number of packages to High-Pressure Water Wash and clean your home, property or business. It will increase your returns, or attract that buyer or customer. But most of all you could enjoy the benefit of that clean home, property or business well before you are ready to leave.

Tip 6: Reducing Costs.

Once again “Time is money”. Why not talk to your neighbour/business and discuss a joint venture. We at Blue Tongue Industries, can offer real discounts when working in close proximity to different projects. For example, you might want a high-pressure wash clean of your driveway or patio, and your neighbour might want pressure washing of there deck,  pool surround or garage. In this case, when pre-organised we can offer real discounts. Ask us how.

Tip 7: Graffiti Prevention.

Graffiti contributes to reduced retail sales, a decline in property values, and citizen fear. A business littered with graffiti is less likely to be patronized and the effect on your company image is immeasurable. For instance, citizens feel less safe and secure entering a  storefront where graffiti is present. Do we have your attention yet? What can you do to reduce the proliferation of graffiti and protect your company image and the image of the community at large? The following are steps to take to  aid in the prevention of graffiti:

  • Keep the exterior of your business neat and clean.
  • Remove graffiti within 24 hours
  • Incorporate shrubs, thorny plants, and vines to restrict vandal access.
  • Add or improve lighting around the building to promote natural surveillance.
  • Use fences, controlled entrance and exits, and other barriers that discourage through traffic.
  • Limit access to roofs by moving dumpsters away from walls and covering drainpipes to prevent vandals from climbing them.
  • Organize a “Business Watch” with nearby merchants to keep tabs on a business area. Businesses may want to employ security personnel to monitor the property.
  • Employ graffiti-resistant materials or coating on a chronically hit wall.
  • Consider installing surveillance cameras and warning signs.

Work with the Community:

  • Refrain from using graffiti images in ads or promoting graffiti in any way.
  • Print graffiti prevention messages on bags, sales flyers, tray liners, book covers, calendars, and other promotional items.
  • Keep all supplies and tools that could be used in graffiti  vandalism, such as markers or spray paint locked at all time

Tip 8: Tennis and Netball Court Cleaning.

We pride ourselves on our cleaning process. The Plexipave Court is a very durable and enjoyable surface. The average Tennis Court is about 600ms and takes about 7 hours to clean. We use large surface cleaners and vacuum, to achieve the best results. My biggest suggestion is that when designing, make sure you have adequate drainage, and prevent the run-off from rain on to your court.  Having a “No” Chewing Gum policy will also prevent the unsightly marks by not disposing of properly. This Chewing Gum is very hard to remove from your playing surface. Having on-site furniture must be chosen so that it does not stain, or leave residue when aging, or rusting.

Tip 9: Prevention is a long-term cure. House Washing and Building Wash Downs and discouraging birds.

We often get asked, to Clean the exterior of Buildings and Houses. At certain times of the year, certain regions get targeted by lovely birds such as swallows. Like a lot of these birds, they are very territorial and will return each year. Prevention is the long-term cure. We can help with a maintenance program to deter these feathered friends and help prevent them returning each year.

Tip 10: Caring for our Environment. Hot Pressure Cleaning.

Have you ever tried washing up a greasy dirty frying pan with Cold Water ?. We take pride in the custom build equipment we operate. We have pressures from Zero to 5000 Psi and temperatures up to 90 degrees. This in itself achieves great cleaning results without chemicals, which is the majority of the time. When cleaning chemicals are required, we choose Green. We are in constant contact with leading providers, to take advantage of any industry advancement, but are truly satisfied with the large range of environmentally friendly products, currently available.


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