Tennis Court Cleaning

Maintenance of your hard surface tennis court in Geelong or Melbourne is simple

Pressure Cleaning Tennis Courts and Netball Courts Surface Cleaner with VacuumAs with all large outdoor fixtures, a tennis court can be a massive asset to any residential or commercial property, but if improperly maintained it can also be a liability. The build-up of leaves, dirt and other debris can degrade the surface of your tennis court.

With Bluetongue you can get tennis court cleaning at your Melbourne or Geelong home that will ensure it continues to be the impressive centre point it was when it was first put in. Regular servicing of your hard court surface will ensure not only that your court stays looking fantastic, but also that they stay in great playing condition for years.

Contact Bluetongue online and get a free quote on your tennis court cleaning in Melbourne or Geelong. Don’t let your courts fall into an unplayable state of disrepair and face expensive restoration costs. Simple and affordable high-pressure cleaning is all you need.

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