Locally designed
and produced.

A variety of locally designed and produced machinery is added to the BAR imported goods to meet more specialised requirements, across the pressure cleaning industry.

Getting good advice when buying a pressure cleaner is essential. Pressure cleaners are a powerful tool, and having the right one for the job is key.

The staff at Blue Tongue Industries will be able to advise you on which model is best for your needs, as well as provide information on safety, maintenance, and other important considerations.

Having a great selection of spares and accessories is also important. Pressure cleaners can be used for a variety of purposes, so it is important to have parts on hand that can be used for repairs or for specific tasks.

Having a variety of accessories can also help you to make the most out of your pressure cleaner. Finally, training and speaking with our experts are important. Pressure cleaners can be dangerous if not used properly, so it is important to learn how to use them correctly.

An expert can provide information on the various types of pressure cleaners and how to use them safely, additionally, making sure that the pressure cleaner you purchase is of good quality and suitable for the job.

Pressure Washers
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Quality products from
around the world.

Among the manufacturers that BAR promotes are those with enviable international reputations are:

  • Italian-style electric machines from Comet.
  • BE Pressure Canada – Home to Business Petrol Equipment.
  • PA Italy is the top producer of components for our sector worldwide.
  • Comet’s sister company, Tecomec Italy, provides accessories from global factories.
  • Italian-made industrial vacuum cleaners from Elsea.

High-pressure pumps from Comet, CAT Pumps, Annovi, Interpump, Bertolini, and other manufacturers are available from Maer Italy.

BAR Group products.

Products from BAR Group showcasing the best in quality and value. We at Blue Tongue Industries have a wide range of pressure cleaners, and jetters from domestic to industrial-grade, as well as a large selection of tooling, accessories, and spares, including hoses, guns, lances, nozzles, and more.

Heaters and dryers are also available, from industrial to commercial, as well as a selection of accessories. With this range, small to very large areas can be heated. Compressors are also on offer. So if your workshop has a pneumatic air requirement there will be systems with generation such as oil-free, portable, and industrial models, from petrol to 240v and then three-phase.

Overall, Blue Tongue Industries has you covered no matter what your requirements are. We have a wide range of products, accessories, and spares, so you can always find the perfect solution for your needs. If we don’t know the answer then we will find out.

Pressure Cleaner

We are certain to have the ideal high-pressure cleaner for any cleaning need. We vouch that our product is the best available for commercial and industrial cleaning. Pressure Cleaners come in a variety of sizes, from low-pressure systems to heavy industrial applications. Power requirements can be electric, petrol or diesel and the units can produce Hot or Cold water, for your cleaning applications.

From portable systems to Ute, trailer and truck mounted. We are sure to have the pressure washer that your business needs.

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Surface Cleaners and
Pressure Poles.

Key added pressure washer accessories, to clean flat surfaces, then choosing the ideal surface cleaner will be the best addon pressure cleaning accessory that will improve your cleaning ability with a quality finish and reduce your cleaning times.

Pressure Poles and Lances, reduce risk, by allowing high-reach cleaning from the ground. We at Blue Tongue Industries, have a great selection of high-reach pressure washing poles.

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Pressure Cleaner

Replacement parts and accessories from Blue Tongue industries and Bar Group, Australia’s top supplier of high-quality pressure washers and accessories.

Adding that extra component to your pressure washer or just replacing worn parts, then we have the range to keep your machine functioning correctly.

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