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Published: November 27, 2022
Written by: blueadmin2

As the business grows and key brands are added, so then websites need a massive boost to cope with the influx of inquiries, across the key cleaning industry genres. We have been so happy with the relationships that we have established in our multi-key focused cleaning equipment sales.

All tied to our other websites “Ionic Systems AustraliaSkyVac Australia” and “Moerman” we now have added room to place key additional products all seen with pricing in one spot.

Our market focus has not changed from homeowners, small businesses, manufacturing, government, and the largest facility management companies both here in Australia and New Zealand. Catering for all price levels allows an entry point for the newest business, or equipment designed to tackle the largest cleaning task. Our handovers are extensive and when requested in-house training is supplied both locally and interstate.

So you may are why are we so different? How have we come so far to change the cleaning industry? Let’s take a look at some of our key products and areas of focus.

Ionic Systems

A product known in 32 countries and was primarily born to service the window cleaning industry. We took this by the horns over the last decade and pushed it into so many areas that I thought we had heard every genre that Ionic Systems products could be used, but still got caught when we recently got asked to provide refined PPB water for radio cooling towers in defense. The main areas Ionic products are used today are:

  • Window Cleaning
  • Manufacturing
  • Boat Washing
  • Vehicle Detailing
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Aviation
  • Overhaul Facilities
  • Truck, Bus Fleet Washing


Another global brand that has also changed safety when cleaning at heights. Gutter Vacuum development and Internal High Dusting systems have been key focuses and development for Spinaclean. Vacuum systems designed to keep operators’ feet grounded have dramatically changed the gutter cleaning industry and allowed businesses that were not key-focused on this area to add this new cleaning genre.

Sola Tecs

A changing world, so a product to allows fast cleaning for small to larger-scale solar panel installations. German-designed rotating brush systems that cover a complete solar panel make cleaning extremely quick and now achievable for small businesses to offer commercial solar panel cleaning on scale.


An old industry going back in Australia to the late 1970’s. Chemical cleaning for short, using lower pressures and the addition of soaps and surfactants with added sodium hypochlorite, cleans surfaces softer and brighter, killing mold and mildew. Decades have changed the industry, with the advancement of pumps and metering valves called porportioners, have come together to provide skid packages to enhance user experience and speed of cleaning.

Pressure Cleaners and Accessories

With a technical team with the knowledge that can make or answer questions across hundreds to thousands of products. Proud to be associated with great equipment from the “Bar Group”, whether it is from a simple pathway pressure clean to a multi-story carpark, or full building wash, the sky is the limit.

Parts accessories, to suit all pressure cleaners, generators, compressors, heaters, jetters, and pumps. The catalog is very extensive.


The oldest company here yet, with foundations back to 1885. The squeegee, both floor and window systems, have changed dramatically. You can now fully kit your members from head to toe, to tackle any window cleaning task.


A brand bigger than Ben Hur. Vacuums, Sweeps, and Scrubbers to suit all applications. Key questions are how fast do you want to clean your area?

Hazards, H Class or associated, then not to worry, vacuums to suit all industries.


Italian quality that makes garden and watering accessories, stylish, robust, and great add-ons to your water dependant cleaning genres.

Kennedy Hygiene

One of the largest washroom suppliers globally. Backed by one of the largest FM Companies in Europe, then Kennedy has your washroom requirements sorted.

Stay tuned for more additions as we strive to bring you the best products in the cleaning industry.

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