Can Roof Cleaning Be Changed for Ever

Published: November 27, 2022
Written by: blueadmin2

In 1997 Ionic Systems changed the way we clean windows today with the introduction of Purified Water and window cleaning. Heavy legalization that was introduced saw OHS regulations change stating that an extension ladder in UK had to be footed to allow an operator to work at height. So began purified exterior window cleaning using water-fed poles.

Roof cleaning at height, today if you ask an operator about their experiences of working at height, the stories and reactions you will get are it is hard and a dangerous job. Safety precautions need to be in place, and the risk of slipping for even experienced operators is often high.

So in 2021 Ionic Systems began developing the Roof Wand, a pressure-cleaning pole system that is balanced or stabilized to allow the operator to pressure clean a roof from the safety of the ground.

Safety comes at a price, and having an option can now allow choice. Take a look at the video presentation:

Cleaning a 50sqm roof in under 2 hours using the ROOF WAND from Ionic Systems. This video is based on the actual time spent cleaning the roof, not including setup, breaks, and final clean-up of the site. Total time spent on site = 6 Hours

Like to know more about the roof wand? then take a look here:

Last updated: November 27 2022

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