Hidden Costs of a Roof Clean- Danger to Operators

Published: September 28, 2023
Written by: blueadmin2

True Story– We all know the risks of working at height adding in specific cleaning tasks such as SoftWashing or Pressure Cleaning, which add huge complexity, as well as making the surface more difficult to walk on.

There are three main ways to clean a roof and they are

  • Fungicide treatment- The application of a chemical with, dedicated spray equipment
  • SoftWash- Chemical treatment with sodium hypochlorite, to soften and aid in the removal of organic growth
  • Pressure Clean- mechanical cleaning with pressure through nozzles or surface cleaners

Recently over the last 18 months, ionic Systems has been working hard to help give alternatives to roof cleaning and developed the Roofwand. A revolutionary way to clean and access the process of a mechanical roof clean with a fungicide treatment. Learn more about the Roof Wand

Blue Tongue Team – “Just saw the roof cleaning advert, that pole looks good, what does it weigh, we only do tin roofs now as we did a tiled roof and it nearly sent us under, the smallest crack in the roof,  let so much water in that we had to pay to have 5 rooms re-plastered and painted $23,500.00 😞 and our insurance wouldn’t cover it, so lesson learned the hard way.”

To be able to share such an outcome may have you think more closely about the way in which you clean and your insurance.

Last updated: September 28 2023

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