Ionic Systems

Ionic Systems’ success has been dependent on producing well-designed and well-assembled products.

All Reach & Wash® systems are shipped to more than a hundred nations as a market leader.

Because of the exceptional quality and efficacy of our products, the Reach & Wash® name has come to stand for Quality without Compromise.

One happy cusomter with Ionic System fitted to van, ready for action. V4 on board filtration system
Ionic System demonstrating the high-reach capabilities of their water-fed poles.

Quality cleaning products for professional use.

Different genres, different entities. In Australia and New Zealand, Ionic Systems has flexed into so many industries.

Public transport cleaning, manufacturing, car detailing, boat washing, facade cleaning, and the solar cleaning industry have been great ventures which Ionic Systems Australia has made grassroots.

Ionic Systems Products.

Products from Ionic Systems showcase the best in quality and value.

On-site Systems.

Portable systems on-site are made for circumstances in which access to a power source, a water source, or both is possible. Sometimes a site’s characteristics make it easy to acquire power and water, and water can be filtered for cleaning as needed. Take a look at our on-site solutions including systems that operate with or without mains power to address these issues.

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Vehicle Mounted.

Water-treatment filters and a sizable water tank are features of vehicle-mounted window cleaning systems that ensure a supply of clean water is always accessible. No matter where a window cleaner wants to go. When it comes to systems, vehicle-mounted water-fed pole systems are the most adaptable and practical answer to many high-level cleaning scenarios. Consider this as an advantage over standard systems as they don’t require external water or a power supply.

Water-Fed Poles.

The actual cleaning apparatus of the Reach & Wash® System are water-fed window cleaning poles. It is the pole that you use every day, every hour. The pole should be as light, thin, and rigid as possible for the most comfortable use. It should also be as compact as feasible when collapsed for convenience of use.

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