Allow these fluid transfer pumps to simplify the task!
EasyFlo is a brand of user-friendly, cutting-edge, and modern fuel transfer pumps that is owned and operated in Australia.

The finest option for securely and easily transferring fluids without lifting bulky containers is provided by EasyFlo pumps. Our pumps make a difficult and uncomfortable task considerably simpler.
One of our specialties is fuel transfer or fueling. We have pumps within our range that can move fluids such:

kerosene, petrol, diesel, AdBlue DEF, methanol and ethanol Water that is not potable and water that is safe to drink, windscreen washer fluid, mild detergents, agricultural chemicals, and light oils also including cooking oil.
A variety of power sources, including rechargeable lithium-ion battery transfer pumps, 12v transfer pumps, battery-powered transfer pumps, and 240V electric drum pumps, are used to power our pumps.
With our Auto stop feature or Manual nozzle, the flow may be safely controlled.

Transferring fuel or fueling your jet ski, wave runner, boat, motorcycle, camper, recreational vehicle, tractor, lawnmower, and more.
Additionally, battery-powered pumps can eliminate the need for spill cleanup entirely.

You should think about utilizing an EasyFlo pump if you need to move fluid quickly and with little effort.
Our pumps are made in Korea and go through a rigorous quality inspection process before being put on the market.
Choosing the ideal pump is simple and quick thanks to the large selection of pumps on our website.
Pick EasyFlo pumps for their affordable prices, simplicity of use, dependability, and durability.

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