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SoftWash Equipment Australia, streamline your equipment for efficiency in cleaning.

Before SoftWash Equipment Australia, Low-Pressure soft wash cleaning has been around in Australia, since the early 1970s. Stepping back in time our family business, run by my father Yarn Cornish, would batch mix to carry out chemical soft wash cleaning.

Application pumps, and then copper or brass lances were used to apply sodium hypochlorite, and wetting agents to assist in exterior house washing.

Skip forward a few decades, and the quality and performance of the equipment have improved dramatically. Pumps have become more resistant to harsh chemicals, and lances and surfactants have improved dramatically.

The advances in proportioning systems  have changed the way chemicals are handled and the metering process of controlling ratios and mixes to suit job applications. It is now as simple as adjusting metering vales with indicated graduations to increase or decrease the injection of soap surfactants and sodium hypochlorite.

Our Skid Mounted SoftWash Equipment that we have designed for Australia makes it easy to configure options and change pump configurations easily as businesses grow. Porportioners are designed to match flow and will be mated with pump sizes. Soft Wash Pumps have options either 12v, 24v or petrol powered. These variations will decide speed of cleaning and easy of rinse.

Softwash Hose and Reels we have put alot of effort to source the best. Our 5/8 hose has been custom designed and manufactured for us in Australia for our local conditions.

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