SOLA-TECS Photovoltaic cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment, using rotating brushes, that are powered by the water itself

Cleantecs provides a qualified solution for cleaning and maintaining photovoltaic and solar power systems with SOLA-TECS C. It makes use of motorless technology, and a high-pressure cleaner rotates the brush rollers. All solar systems may be cleaned quickly and easily with the help of this portable equipment because of their small designs, light contact weights, and telescopic lance guidance. Solar cleaners also produce excellent results in other applications, such as washing conservatories and cleaning windows and buildings.


This model was created for cleaning windows, buildings, or conservatories. The SOLA-TECS C400 is an extraordinarily useful cleaning tool because of its incredibly small (only 480 mm) and lightweight designs.

Please note that you cannot change the size of this brush!

Free-form Innovation

The SOLATECS C has been updated by Cleantecs GmbH. The mobile, water-driven brush roller and gearbox for the professional cleaning equipment for photovoltaic systems were replaced. The SOLA-TECS C’s quality and cleaning power were given a lot of attention throughout the revision of this system.

The newly updated base unit, the SOLA-TECS C, is the focal point of the development. The emphasis was on increased stability and quality. A sturdy hybrid case made of a combination of stainless steel, aluminium, and synthetic materials was given to the base unit. It is now possible to decrease water consumption from 7–10 l/min to 5 l/min by adjusting the nozzle. This is not just a beneficial ecological feature, but it also creates new opportunities in

Now more powerful

The redesigned bristle configuration and wider brush diameter guarantee noticeably better performance. Each 10-cm-wide brush roller is an independent unit. The SOLATECS C600, C800, and C1000 may change their sizes as needed thanks to them. The brush rollers can now be adjusted by the user between 620 and 1.020 mm depending on the local conditions.

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