For more than 35 years, Thermax Chemicals has been one of the industry’s top producers of ion exchange resins under the Tulsion® brand. In the area of water treatment and process application technologies, Tulsion® is a premium brand with a solid international reputation.

We have a wide variety of resins for unique purposes in addition to industrial water treatment applications including softening, dealkalization, and demineralization, such as:


Adsorbent polymeric resins

Resins for polymeric catalysts

Resins for ion exchange in biotechnology

Chelating resins for recovering metal

Ultrapure water resins

Customised applications for resins

Cation and anion exchange resins are combined to create Tulsion® Mixed Bed (MB) resins. The high purity water needed for boiler feed for high-pressure boilers, electronics and electrical discharge cutting machines, glass window washing, and pharmaceutical applications is obtained by using these heterogeneous resins as polishers. For use in dye applications, Tulsion® MB resins can be delivered in highly regenerated, premixed conditions. For usage in re-generable mixed bed units, they are also available as highly regenerated cations and anions. To meet the needs of end users, premixed resins are offered in a variety of cation and anion ratios and combinations.

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