Nilfisk vacuums

With a wide range of Nilfisk vacuums and cleaners, Blue Tongue Industries provides a range of products for both commercial and private cleaning needs, for all tasks big or small.

The choice of vacuum cleaners stretches from dry canister vacs to full-upright, portable backpacks to battery-driven wet-and-dry systems.

Industrial vacuum cleaners

For more industrial applications the Nilfisk range provides solutions for infrequent cleaning, maintenance, and production facilities, and is capable of cleaning in confined areas and for the removal of hazardous dust and fumes in zone 22, and such alike.

Industrial vacuums are paramount in places where no dust emissions are allowed, such as areas within manufacturing, overhaul, and assembly.

Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers

Scrubber dryers

Nilfisks a market leader with experience have a range of years of expertise produces excellent scrubber dryers that ensure effective cleaning with high productivity. The quality and design give maximum return on investment. Great design allows low maintenance and service cost and is simple to use. The models range from small walk-behinds to large engine-powered ride-on.

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With Nilfisk sweepers you will be able to sweep pick up debris and collect dust. pick up debris while keeping dust. Carry out dust-free sweeping amongst many different business genres. From large commercial areas to small tight spaces. Nilfisk sweepers are built for long life and ease of use. Improve productivity clean faster, and safer with Nilfisk.

Vacuums are available to order from our Geelong office. Our regular dispatch service like all our products is available Australia-wide. For delivery and sales to all Australian cities, including Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, GoldCoast, Brisbane, and more, ask us about our special rates door-to-door today on all Nilfisk Commercial and Industrial Vacuums within the range. A Nilfisk vacuum will change the way you clean in your commercial, industrial premises, or even your home.

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