Static & Delivery System Catalogue

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For businesses that have (or plan to have) several window cleaning vehicles on the road, a fleet solution will be the right choice.


This option separates the system into two distinct parts; The static system and the delivery system.

The static water treatment system is installed in a permanent location (usually an industrial unit, garage or outhouse) that continually fills one or more large tanks with pure water.

The stored pure water is then transferred into the tank of a “delivery system” which is installed in a van or trailer. Delivery systems are designed just to ‘deliver’ the pure water, i.e. they have little or no water treatment on-board, but have the same crash-tested chassis and control gear as our other systems.

The Thermopure ™ delivery system can heat the water using a diesel burner before pumping it to the pole, and is our Certified Resins most popular delivery option.

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