Auto Electric Submersible Pump HSZ2.75S

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Auto Electric Submersible Pump HSZ2.75S

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HS & HSZ are single-phase pump units with the durability equivalent to three-phase drainage pumps since the wear parts are made of abrasion-resistant materials. The side discharge, spiral design allows smoother passage of the sucked solid matters. The shaft-mounted agitator prevents “Air Lock” that tends to take place on vortex or semi-vortex pumps.


  • Automatic start/stop operation controlled by flow switch.
  • Built in sintered alloy agitator to prevent air lock and stir slurry.
  • Anti wicking cable offers maximum protection against water penetrating through the cable entry should the cable be damaged extending the life of your pump.
  • Vortex impeller designed for “high gap structure” made of urethane rubber that permits solid handling to 7 mm.
  • Thermal motor protector
  • Semi-vortex impeller designed for “high gap structure” made of urethane rubber that permits solid handling to 7 mm.
  • Dual mechanical seals with silcon carbide face provides 5 times higher corrosion wear and heat resistance than tungsten carbide.
  • Performs like the non-automatic version in every aspect of construction site usage requiring a tough and durable pump.
  • No control panel or float switches are required.
  • Performs like the non-automatic pump with no special float installation required.
  • Requires very small space to operate – only 8 3/4″ diameter.
  • Urethane, Semi Vortex Impeller and Wear Plates for maximum durability while maintaining pump performance.
  • Oil Lifter provides lubrication of the seal faces. (Patented)
  • V-Ring Seal Protector designs mechanical seals from abrasive particles.
  • Environmentally friendly, reducing electrical costs and operational noise. (Technical Features of EL Relay Unit (Level Sensor)
  • Sensitive electrodes detect water to start pump operation even when foreign materials are present.
  • Internal timer eliminates frequent on/off operation in rough water to extend motor life.
  • Relay sensor is completely moulded in resin and covered by a rubber case for protection against rough handling.
  • Job site tested for more than 30,000 on-off cycles without failure or damage.


  • Max Flow: 220 L/min
  • Max Head: 18 m
  • Motor Type: 240 V – 0.75 kW
  • Motor Output: 1/2 hp
  • Phase: Single
  • Discharge Bore: 2″
  • Cable Length: 5 m
  • Dimension: 285 mm L x 184 mm W x 394 mm H
  • Continuous Running Water Level: 11.4 cm
  • Pump Weight: 16.4 kg
  • Starting Method: Capacitor run
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