BE Poly Air Mover 2 Speed

$366.00 exl. GST

BE Poly Air Mover 2 Speed


BE Poly Air Mover: The Ultimate Drying Companion

The BE Poly Air Mover stands out as a lightweight and efficient tool for various drying needs. Specifically designed for flood remediation, rental applications, and professional carpet cleaning, it promises versatility and reliability.

At the forefront of its features, the PAM1400 Air Mover/Dryer offers a super-low amperage draw. This feature not only ensures energy efficiency but also delivers a rapid drying process. Furthermore, with its compact design, the PAM1400 is a quiet operator, making it suitable for diverse environments.

Often recognized under various names, including a carpet dryer, the BE Poly Air Mover shines in addressing specific tasks. Whether you’re dealing with minor household water leaks, undertaking clean-ups, or aiding post-cleaning procedures, this air mover proves invaluable. Moreover, it’s not limited to carpets; the PAM1400 efficiently tackles drying requirements for floors, walls, and ceilings.

In wrapping up, the BE Poly Air Mover emerges as a game-changer in drying technology. For those in professional cleaning sectors or facing unexpected water issues, this air mover offers consistent and effective drying solutions.


  • Wattage (w)                    180w

  • Amps (low/high)              0.7/0.9 amp

  • Displacement (CFM)       850cfm

  • Plug Type                        10A

  • Speed (low/high)             1150/1370RPM

  • Noise at 7m                     62db

  • Weight (kg)                      8.5kg

  • Dimensions (LxWxH)       540 x 435 x 250mm

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