Comet P40 Pump – Soft Wash

$2,380.00 exl. GST

Comet Pump – Soft Wash

SKU: 210 P40-20



Soft Wash Pump with amazing high flow….a game changer for the Soft Wash industry

3 diaphragms in Viton. Parts in contact with spray liquid: polypropylene. AISI 316-L stainless steel. AISI 304 stainless steel screws.


  • Pressure 290psi
  • Flow 43L/min
  • Spped 550rpm
  • 1.6Hp, 1.18Kw
  • 13.7Kg

Part Breakdown DownLoad

Warranty P40– The warranty does not include any payment for faults due to incorrect usage by the operator and for parts falling
within the usual maintenance, such as: Gaskets, diaphragms sealing rings, oil and so on

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