Constant Flow

$1,600.00 exl. GST

The Constant Flow- Portable SoftWash and SoftWashing System from Ionic Systems


Constant Flow Cleaner

The Constant FlowTM Touchless foam spray system uses Smart Pressure Technology packaged in a detachable, rechargeable, lithium-ion power pack which electronically pressurises and maintains the air pressure in the tank. The lithium-ion power cells are maximized when air is pressurised in the tank. This leads to a full day of spraying with just one charge! it provides the optimum pressure for the even distribution of ContactTM chemical foam.

No more manual pumping and guessing if the pressure is correct.

Constant Flow allows for the precision delivery of chemicals and a reduction in spray time. Softwash and SoftWashing are now portable and easy add-ons to your business here in Australia.

The Power Pack is easy-to-use, just attach it to the tank with just a push and a click, turn it on and it automatically starts working.

Automatic smart pressure technology:

  • Eliminates manual pumping
  • Continuous equal flow rate
  • 1 charge can last a full day’s use
  • 9-litre capacity
  • Powerful, heavy-duty foam cleaner
  • Effective removal of algae
  • Produces a stable foam that rinses freely
  • Can be used in hot or cold water
  • The cleaning solution is delivered via a spray nozzle that fits the end of any Vertigo pole.

Product codes

  • CFK01 Constant Flow Kit
  • CFSN Constant Flow Spray Nozzle
  • C1LX4 Contact 1L


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