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Edge™ 35cm Elite™ Lightweight duel trim brush made with high-quality monotec® synthetic filament. It is a great everyday brush—integrated non-mark bumper with Innovative V2 jets.

Key Features:

  • High-quality standard synthetic Bristle.
  • Stiffer end bristles.
  • Innovative integrated V 2 Jets with fittings
  • Multiple jet configurations.
  • Lightweight.
  • Extended brush life.
  • Over-moulded non-mark rubber bumper.
  • Two 12mm holes for extra jet options.
  • Specially designed wear corners for extra brush longevity.
  • For heated water, use up to 48°C.

Water Temperature: up to 48°C

Weight: 275g (Brush Only)

The Brush Includes: One socket (of customer choice), an integrated pair of V2 jets with fitting, and integrated bumper, PU tube, and a tube T connector.

Free Socket Option: 

  • Lockable swivel socket euro & Unger thread (EDGE-SS)
  • Lockable Swivel socket with angle adapter (EDGE-SAA)
  • Fixed angle adapter (EDGE-FAA)
  • Lockable Vertical Swivel socket angle adapter (EDGE-SVAA)
  • 90° Euro fixed brush socket (EDGE-EURO-90)
  • No socket.

Jet Extra Option:

  • Four Integrated pair V2 Jets (Default & included)
  • Pair V2 Jets (EDGE-V-JET-2)
  • Two Pairs V2 Jets (EDGE-V-JET-2)
  • Pair V4 Jets (EDGE-V-JET-4)
  • Two Pairs V4 Jets (EDGE-V-JET-4)
  • Pair 1.25mm Pencil Jets for low water usage (EDGE-PENJET)
  • Two Pairs 1.25mm Pencil Jets for low water usage (EDGE-PENJET)
  • Pair Fan Jets (EDGE-FANJET2)
  • Two Pair Fan Jets (EDGE-FANJET2)
  • Pair Over top Fan Jets (EDGE-FANJET)
  • Two Pair Over top Fan Jets (EDGE-FANJET)
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