Endura Pole


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Endura Pole – Round Anti Rotational Pole


Endura Pole

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Note: Poles not supplied with Brush. See the additional selection below.

Unique anti-rotational technology. We have achieved the world’s first true anti-rotational waterfed pole, without compromising on the strongest circular shape tube sections.

The Endura Waterfed Pole features advanced anti-rotational technology and patented clamp designs for superior control and efficiency in window cleaning. Its durable, ergonomic construction ensures ease of use and longevity, while innovative clamps offer quick adjustments and secure locking during operation. Ideal for professionals seeking a reliable, high-performance cleaning tool.

Two Head Types

  • The Grafter head is suited mainly to residential cleaning and is available in standard with a non-curling monofilament nylon bristle brush and adjustable angle crank.
  • The Swift head is extremely robust and optimized for commercial window cleaning. Available with 12”, 18” or 24” brushes and has a variety of gooseneck length options.





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Available Length

24ft, 32ft, 45ft, 55ft

Pole Head Style

Grafter Head, Swift Head

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