Foam – 5 Litre Jug

$52.00 exl. GST

Foam – 5 Litre Jug


Foam – 5 Litre Jug

Designed for Australian conditions

Our “go-to” foam mix for all applications, offers the best mix between safety and performance.

The extra foam in Jumbo prevents it from drying during the application, preventing streaks and leaving a high gloss finish.

Medium concentration (dilution 100:1), with a 9-mix blend, ideal for washing cars and trucks

Our recommended cleaning solution:

  • Dilute to 100:1.
  • Being suitable for polished alloy areas, this one blend offers the fastest clean, as there is no need to pre-wash sensitive areas with another product

Use as follows:

  • Apply Jumbo to all areas using your applicator – such as an LS3 Foamer
  • Rinse using high-pressure clean water

Our systems work best with a pressure cleaner rated at 2500-3000 PSI

Always remember, foam can be blended to higher levels of aggressiveness (pH), but this can be dangerous to your equipment if used incorrectly.

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