Foamion Soft Washing System

$5,830.00 exl. GST

FoamionTM is an add on Soft washing system


Introducing  portable version of the FoamionTM

The FoamionTM is an excellent tool for a wide range of cleaning applications, including cleaning windows, vehicles, and building exteriors. Its ability to provide a controlled fusion of water, chemical, and air makes it a versatile and effective cleaning solution.

FoamionTM is an add-on Soft washing system. It connects to a Reach
& Wash system, to give the ability of Soft washing as well as Window Cleaning. Using either hot or cold water WATER supply from a Garden Tap, Pumped RO unit, or 12v Van Mounted System, the onboard air generation gives the benefit of creating foam, for better chemical contact time and easier application. It has high and low chemical injector settings depending on the job at hand. Max chemical mix 3/1, minimum 19/1 and adjustable.

  • Foamion™ with 1 x 100Ah Lifos Lithium Ion Batteries (not supplied)  & Charger (supplied)

Advantages of Lithium-ion batteries: Superior Useable Capacity, Extended Cycle Life, Size & Weight Advantages, Fast & Efficient Charging, Very Little Wasted Energy, Climate Resistance, and Zero maintenance.

Battery dimensions required L328 W172 H220

Other accessories NOT INCLUDED

Trolley for Foamion

Foamion Lance

Foamion Hose 16m 8mm

Foamion Hose 7m 1/2″

Hydra Telescopic Pole








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