Gekko Pad Holder Only

$76.50 exl. GST


Gekko pad holder with Fugu, Steel wool, and Microglass pad.

Key features

  • Fits & fixes securely to all Moerman extension poles and adapters
  • Customizable friction with self-locking hexagon nut
  • Incl. replacement kit with hexagon nut and Allen key
  • 360° pivoting solid aluminum leightweight trapazium plate
  • Adjustable angles: 0° +15° +30° +45° +60°
  • Ideal for high, low and hard to reach spots
  • Can be used in hand or on extension poles
  • Trapezium plate with 2 flexible end caps for proper force distribution
  • Trapezoidal design
    • for easy access into all corners
    • total length 32,5cm
    • optimizes the drainage of dirty water.
  • Pads:
    • Easy assembling: featuring 2 corner pockets and 2 velcro straps.
    • Steel wool Gekko pad for hard scrubbing with water absorbing capacity. Always rinse by hand-washing.
    • Fugu Gekko pad: microfibre sleeve with hard bristles to clean up tough dirt. Washable at 60°. No softener. Wash before use.

Micro glass Gekko pad: for polishing and dry cleaning. Perfect for stain removal. Washable at 40°. No softener. Wash before use

Product ID’s, packaging & end-user pricing: 

ID27535  Gekko pad holder (1 size) (10 pcs / box)

ID27536  Steel wool Gekko pad (10 pcs / polybag)

ID27537  Fugu Gekko pad (10 pcs / polybag)

ID27538  Microglass Gekko pad (10 pcs / polybag)

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