Hydro-Mixer XXL 1″ Proportioning Manifold & Metering Valves

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Hydro-Mixer XXL 1″ Manifold & Metering Valves

SKU: Hydro-Mixer XXL 1" Proportioning Manifold & Metering Valves



Hydro-Mixer XXL Proportioning System 1″ Manifold, Water & SH Valves



-XXL comes standard with (1) water, (1) soap and (1) chem/SH metering valve. Select the 2nd soap valve option for (2) soap metering valves.

-Standard is mounted to aluminum plate.  All stainless steel hardware, no rivets.  Upgrade to Storm Guard HD aluminum cover to give your Hydro-Mixer XXL added protection and it looks great!

-Built for high gpm gas powered pumps like the AR60 or compressor driven air pumps 15+ GPM

-Special 1″ high flow metering valves (made in the USA) and 1″ polypropylene manifold designed to give you full performance and no restriction on the pump even when running low SH %.

-Bypass setup for gas pumps included allowing you to run in bypass with the solution recirculating for approx. 5-10 minutes max.

-Add 2nd soap/surfactant metering valve to run 2 products simultaneously or eliminate moving your soap line between tanks. Run a surfactant and degreaser or neutralizer/rinse aid.

-Valve indicators to know what % you’re running and ease of operation. No guess work with our system!  Helps with training technicians & new employees.

-Reference point indicator decal on soap valve so you know where you’re running and to set your favorite soap or surfactant.

-Identical 1″ water and SH valves deliver consistent and accurate ratios day in and day out.  No guess work or fidgeting with mismatched or oversized/undersized valves.

-All check valves are bleach resistant and/or springless.  No worries of a failed check valve or corroded stainless steel spring damaging your pump.

-Precision soap metering valves allow for fine tuning and adjustments right where you need them. No more frustrations of having too much or too little and not being able to get it just right.

-All components are designed with chemical resistance in mind, ease of maintenance and service and long life of the complete system.

-flush valve option is highly recommended for the longevity of your pump and systems.

*please specify pump model for hose barb sizing and bypass hose size.



Pump manufacturer & model:
Other gas pump-note in checkout bypass size and pump inlet size
Flush Valve:
Flush valve kit-HD 3 way valve w/hose barbs
Storm Guard HD Cover:
Storm guard HD aluminum cover with stainless hinges & latch
2nd soap valve:
Add 2nd soap valve


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