Jetter Mini Reel – 60m 3/16

$1,269.00 exl. GST

Jetter Mini Reel – 60m 3/16


Mini Auxillary Reel & 60 Metres of Black Barflex 3/16″ Jetter Hose

Leave your Jetter in the ute & extend reach to 60 metres!

  • Stainless steel frame c/w hose reel taking up to 60 metres of drain cleaning hose
  • Integrated Shut Off Valve, Pressure Gauge, Rubber Handle and storage space to hold 3 QC nozzles
  • The only reel on the market fitted with a Swiss-manufactured swivel
  • Standard with our famous USA-manufactured BARjet Red Hose, but alternative Black or Bue options are available
  • Last letter indicates colour hose on order ie: n-black, b-blue

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