LS3 Snow Foam Lance – Professional

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LS3 Snow Foam Lance – Professional


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LS3 Snow Foam Lance – Professional

Professional PA Foamer complete with LS3 1 Litre Bottle and 1.25mm nozzle

The original PA Foamer, now with an enhanced new red foam head. Beware options with a black foam head, these are likely to be Chinese copies. The budget versions are fine for domestic applications but tend to “cut” good-quality foam chemicals.

Supplied with 1/4″ Female inlet. Select the great value adaptors from the Options line.

Number 1 Foam lance in Australia and New Zealand.


Flow: 20 l/min., 60°C
Pressure: 2300 Psi (max. 2600)
Detergent Metering: Adjustable
Inlet: 1/4” Bsp Female
Outlet: Select options
Tank Size: 1 Litre
Nozzle: 1.25mm or 1.5mm
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