Modular Pole Set SOLA-LITE VCMO 1.8 – SET (8 poles)

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Modular Pole Set SOLA-LITE VCMO 1.8 – SET (8 poles)


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Great strength and low weight

Proponents of plug-connect systems appreciate the advantages provided – great strength and low weight. The modular pole satisfies both of these requirements 100%.

In conjunction with the conical joint and protective caps on every element, the MODULAR system represents the final stage in the development of plug-connect poles and is clearly superior to other systems on the market. It is the best choice for all those requiring a pole system for all types of professional work and who prefer to use plug-connect systems. Weighing 520 grammes, full-carbon modular poles are extremely light, strong and modular.

Attention! To connect a SOLA-TECS C with the modular pole, you will require a gooseneck with an external water supply and a DN 6 high-pressure hose. Experienced users can use the nozzle swivel.
SOLA-LITE VCMO 1.8 – SET (8 poles)
Length min. 1,8 m
Length max. 13,0 m
Weight 520 – 4.500 g
Material Full-carbon
HP tube 25 m (DN 6) incl.
Gooseneck incl.
Transport bag incl.
Item number 0200829


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