Trion Powered Portable RO

$5,540.00 exl. GST

Trion portable, lightweight 240v powered Reverse Osmosis System from Ionic Systems


The TrionTM on-site solution is a 3-stage Reverse Osmosis and De-ionisation Reach & Wash® system. TrionTM is powerful enough to deliver pure water to one or more water-fed poles so that multiple operators can clean at the same time. TrionTM requires a water supply and mains power supply, and its booster pump provides enough power for a steady supply of water up to 80ft. It’s ideal for a range of applications where access is limited,
including courtyards, rooftops and atrium cleaning, as well as used in combination with cradles and rope access.

Powered by the same workhorse as Ionic’s “Quattro” and “Vehicle-mounted systems”, this portable RO system is lightweight and powered like other Ionic products with the same 240v brass pump, electric motor, and controls.

Filtration consists of a 4040 RO Membrane and 15 Inches of High-Grade Carbon as a prefilter. Water is polished with a final 15-inch DI Resin quick-change cartridge. All are assembled on a high-grade stainless steel frame. built to last.



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