OVA8® Power Pole Complete – 25ft reach


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OVA8® Power Pole Complete – 25ft reach

SKU: 25ftOVA8Pressure


Product Description

Key Features

• Water Pressure up to 4000psi/200bar
• Pole Heights up 25ft, 29ft, 33ft and 42ft.
• Anti-Twist Pole
• Lightweight Carbon Poles
• More rigidity and better control

Pole Specifications

  • Pole material: Carbon Composite (100%), Expect Glass Fibre Handle)
  • Number of Section: 4
  • Minimum Length: 2000mm/2mtr
  • Achievable Height: 25ft
  • Weight: 4.28kg
  • Sturdy Trigger attached firmly to the pole section (can be adjusted) with hose swivel and quick release fitting
  • High Pressure/Temperature Rating: 280bar/100°c
  • Clamp System: OVA8®
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