QC x 3/4″ MGHT Fitting

$9.00 exl. GST

QC x 3/4″ MGHT Fitting


QC x 3/4″ MGHT Fitting

Discover the Valley Industries Universal Quick Connect x 3/4” Hose Barb MNPT Pump Port Fitting (QC x 3/4″ MGHT Fitting), engineered for optimal flexibility with your 12-volt diaphragm pump. Ideal for spot or broadcast sprayers, these fittings ensure seamless hose connections. Crafted from durable polypropylene, they offer extended durability and feature a quick connect x 3/4” hose barb connection for effortless setup.

These versatile fittings gain approval for leading herbicides such as Round-Up, ensuring reliability in your spraying applications. Additionally, they are fully compatible with trusted brands like Everflo and other 12-volt diaphragm pumps equipped with quick-connect ports.

In summary, Valley Industries Universal Quick Connect fittings combine efficiency and reliability, enhancing your spraying operations. Trust these fittings for a smooth and effective spraying experience, meeting your agricultural or industrial needs with precision and confidence.

Included with Everflo Models: EF5500-QA | EF7000-QA

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