Radio Remote Control 230v or 400v Switching


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Radio Remote Control 230v or 400v Switching


New radio remote control

The new radio remote control from Cleantecs GmbH is the culmination of twenty years of expertise in the development of security radio remote controls by ELCA Srl, as well as unique adaptations and upgrades created especially to satisfy the needs of PV cleaning service providers. This radio remote control is required because it offers the highest levels of operating safety, dependability, and shock resistance. The complete set consists of a transmitter, receiver, and charging adapter. With an optionally available antenna, the radio remote control’s range can be significantly increased. The revolving brush can be stopped by pushing a button. Simply cutting off the electricity to your high-pressure cleaner will accomplish this. The brush can be restarted in the same manner and with the same ease. The brush is restarted the same way and just as easily.

The new models

Security redefined!

The radio remote control system consists of two main units:

  • A Transmitter unit (AT).
  • A Receiver unit (AR).

Each radio remote control uses a unique identification code that is configured by the manufacturer and cannot be subsequently changed. This means that each transmitter can only operate specifically associated receivers and cannot cause interference with other radio remote control systems. One or more transmitters can be associated with particular receivers via an identification code “learning” procedure. The best working frequency with the least interference is automatically selected from the available frequencies when the transmitter is activated. Radio interference occurring during the operational phase causes an automatic change of the working frequency without interrupting the activity currently being performed by the operator.

In addition to allowing the selection of the working frequency with the least interference, the special Full Duplex LBT (Listen Before Transmit) communication system also allows management of the information coming from the receiver, since the transmitter and receiver communicate in both directions. This exchange of information between the transmitter and receiver provides the user with full monitoring of the machine being controlled because the receiver always confirms the receipt and activation of every transmitted command by replying with a “reception confirmation signal”. lt the transmitter does not receive this “reception confirmation signal” then it cancels the transmission and notifies the user that the command cannot be reliably sent.

The highly advanced, state-of-the-art signal coding and decoding protocol used by this unit guarantees a high level of security.

Radio remote control FFS230v

Voltage 230 Volt
Range with obstacle approx 150 m
Range without obstacle approx 380 m
Item number

Radio remote control FFS400v

Voltage 400 Volt
Range with obstacle approx 150 m
Range without obstacle approx 380 m
Item number

Antenna PLUS AP530

Increase the range approx 150 m
Length 2,2 m
Item number

PLUS 150 m more range!

This high-quality antenna allows you to increase the range of the system.

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Voltage option

230v, 400V

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