Remote Downstream Module for Pressure Washers

$1,420.00 exl. GST

Remote Downstream Module for Pressure Cleaners


Remote Downstream Module

Now available with soap metering valve to adjust soap and pull straight SH, with our Remote Control Down Stream Injector Systems.

This module is identical to our Remote Smart Rinse for soft wash, but no soap shutoff valve.  This eliminates going back to the truck or trailer to shut off your downstream. Also gives you the capability to run low pressure without soap.

Great range, simple on/off operation, weatherproof, corrosion, chemical resistant components.  All electrical components are housed in a weatherproof box away from valves and chemicals.

Unit comes standard with 1/4″ hose barbs and the option to upgrade to 1/2″ or 3/4″ hose barbs for soft washers that mix the soap in with bleach.  Two pre-programmed remotes are included with a 10′ weatherproof power supply cord.

Simply connect to a 12-volt battery/Switch, make hose connections, and start saving time & money!


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