SkyVac® Rigid Neck Kit for Gutter Clearance – HairPin

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SkyVac® Rigid Neck Kit for Gutter Clearance (HairPin)


SKU: SkyVac Rigid Neck Kit for Gutter Clearance - HairPin


SkyVac® Rigid Neck Kit for Gutter Clearance – HairPin

Features  Elite Hairpin Neck Tool Holder, unique design innovation from skyVac® to minimise blockages and improve airflow. Ideal for tough gutter clearing projects – for faster results, greater accuracy, and control without troublesome blockages.  A great upgrade for the standard for the 44mm suction pole set-up.

The kit comprises an Elite Hairpin neck tool holder, TWO Elite end tools, and a tapered end 1.5-metre pole. The Perfect addition to your skyVac® Atom or Commercial Gutter Vacuum.

Features and Benefits

The rigid structure of the carbon fibre neck allows the user greater control and direction for those high-level gutter challenges.

Designed to accommodate the NEW Elite Hairpin 135 Degree Rigid Neck Tool holder, the 1.5-metre push-fit pole is tapered from 50mm at the top end to 44mm at the base to slot into the standard suction poles.  The kit is a handy upgrade to your standard 44mm push-fit carbon fibre poles.

Unique design innovation from skyVac®, the Elite Hairpin neck tool holder features a curved neck, with an enlarged passageway to improve air and debris movement through the 135-degree bend.  This spacious bend eases and eliminates the bottlenecks caused by gutter debris.

This SkyVac® Rigid Neck Accessory Kit comprises:

  1. NEW Elite Hairpin 135 Degree rigid neck tool holder.
  2. Tapered 1.5-metre carbon fibre pole (compatible with 44mm standard poles).

Two End Tools:

  • Elite dirt breaker end tool – Ideal for everyday gutter cleaning.
  • Elite Scalloped End Tool
    Which features a curved end to speed up gutter cleaning by:
    1. improving airflow
    2. slicing through gutter blockages

Key Features:

  • Slots into 44mm SkyVac® Suction Poles supplied as standard with the Atom and Commercial machines to allow the user to achieve the desired working height.
  • Elite Rigid Neck Tool holder is compatible with Elite end tools.
  • Sturdy construction is ideal for pinpoint accuracy and greater control.
  • Hard-wearing and long-lasting construction.

Included as standard:

  • 1 x SkyVac® Tapered End Suction Pole (50mm top end / 44mm base end Diameter)
  • 1 x skyVac® Elite Hairpin 135 Degree Rigid Neck Tool Holder
  • 1 x skyVac® Elite Dirt Breaker End Tool
  • 1 x NEW skyVac® Elite Scalloped Aluminium End Tool


Tapered Pole:

1.5m long
Tapered from 50mm to 44mm diameter
Carbon fibre material

Elite Hairpin 135-Degree
Rigid Neck Tool Holder:

Carbon fibre material

Elite Dirt Breaker:

Sturdy Aluminium material
300mm Long

Elite Scalloped End
Aluminium End Tool

30H x 4.5W cm

Ideal for:

  • Daily gutter cleaning tasks
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