Soft Wash Mini Hurricane System, 12 Volt – Batch-Mix

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Soft Wash Mini Hurricane System, 12 Volt – Batch-Mix

SKU: Soft Wash Mini Hurricane System, 12 Volt - Batch-Mix



Soft Wash Mini Hurricane System:



Pump:  Choose between Ever Flo 20lpm at 60psi or Delavan 26lpm at 100psi

Tanks:  *  Water tank optional,  * 150 lts chemical tank- sits remote to skid system (No Soap tanks) 

Hose reels:  (1) HD  reel for chemical spray hose, (1) HD stainless steel reel for water tank fill hose (optional)

Hose:  50m’x1/2″ chemical-resistant spray hose. 100′ water tank fill hose with garden hose fittings (optional)

Electrical:  HD wiring and on/off switch if required, onboard weatherproof  10 amp charger.

Battery: 120 amp hour deep cycle lead acid, plus battery box (optional)

Skid:  HD aluminium, Australian Made

Misc Items:  Chemical resistant poly trigger, 18″ stainless steel wand, J ROD w/4 nozzles

Flush valve: 3 way

Dimensions:  1200mm Wide and 575mm Long

**each system is custom-made and may vary slightly**


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