Sticky BLUE

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Sticky BLUE 5lts or 20lts- Maximum Hold


STICY BLUE is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable surfactant. Its has been especially formulated to give you that extra vertical hold in your softwash solution.

STICKY BLUE TONGUE produces generous amounts of foam to prevent run off, and improve the dwell time of soft washing mixes on vertical and inclined surfaces. Do not overuse as the excess foam will increase rinse time.



 Add 500mls – 1 litre to your HouseWash solution of 18 to 20 lts

Soaps and surfactants can cling and hold in a vertical position due to their surface tension and viscosity properties.

Surface tension refers to the property of a liquid that causes its surface to act as if it were a stretched elastic membrane. This tension allows a liquid to resist an external force that tries to break the surface. The surface tension of soap solutions is reduced compared to pure water due to the presence of the soap molecules, which can spread out at the liquid/air interface and reduce the tension.

Viscosity refers to a fluid’s resistance to flow. Soap solutions also have a higher viscosity compared to pure water, which makes them thicker and less prone to flowing. When soap solution is placed in a vertical position, the combination of reduced surface tension and increased viscosity can cause it to cling to the surface and remain in a vertical position, rather than flowing down due to gravity.

In the case of a surfactant, the molecule has a hydrophobic (water-repelling) end and a hydrophilic (water-attracting) end. When the surfactant is added to water, the hydrophobic ends tend to orient themselves at the liquid/air interface, reducing the surface tension, while the hydrophilic ends remain in the bulk of the solution, increasing the viscosity. This results in the surfactant solution having similar properties to soap solutions, allowing it to cling to a vertical surface and remain in a vertical position.


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5Lts, 20 Lts

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