Tank 100 litre | Stabilised Polyethylene

$415.00 exl. GST

Tank 100 litre | Stabilised Polyethylene


Tank 100 litre | Stabilised Polyethylene

The rectangular shape of these spray tanks, which are made of UV-stabilized polythene, saves valuable space on utes. The profiles of the various sizes match each other to create a neat appearance when tanks are arranged in groups of two or more.

The bottoms are raised so that the contents of the tank drain towards the gutter around the outside edge of the tank. Any side of the tank can be supplied with outlets. Other sizes are available upon request, however, the standard fittings are a 19mm outlet and a 12mm return.

With each tank, a noticeable litre marking decal is included. The decal can be applied to any side of the tank because the tanks are translucent.


  • Weight 23 kg
  • Dimensions 33 × 73.5 × 57.5 cm
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