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The new TASK trolley from Ionic Systems is a mobile system that’s perfect for otherwise inaccessible areas.


Task catalogue

Get all the information you need for the Task 2 Trolley. The Task catalogue outlines all the specifications you will need. Download Today!

The TASK™ tank holds a generous 75 litres.  Or the Task 2 Trolley options are 55 or 80 litres of pure water, more than enough for an hour or more of working time. The TASK™ also has its own onboard rechargeable 12v battery.

It also has a remote control* so that you can switch the pump on and off at the touch of a button from up to 100 metres away.

* This is in addition to the pressure switch fitted as standard to all Ionic pumps so that to stop the pump you simply need to disconnect the pole.)

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