Telescopic Lances – 12m or 15m

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SOLA-LITE Telescopic lances made from carbon are far lighter and stiffer meaning maximum strength and stability for your own safety.


SOLA-LITE Telescopic Lances

The very long range of our SOLA-LITE Telescopic lances of up to 15 m ensures that you can safely reach every point of your PV system. We use Gardiner Water Fed carbon fibre poles exclusively since they are far lighter than other materials in direct comparison, and therefore bend the least. Maximum stability for your own safety.

Our telescopic lances have an interior high-pressure tube with a length of 25 m. A rubber foot at the end of the telescopic wand serves to prevent damage to the tube and the wand. Telescopic lances are available in two sizes. We offer a telescopic wand that increases the contact pressure of the SOLA-TECS C. Experienced users can further increase their productivity with our nozzle swivel which it is possible to control the SOLA-TECS C during horizontal cleaning movements.

Length min. 2,1 m
Length max. 12,0 m
Weight 2.800 g
Material Full-carbon
HP tube 25 m (DN 6) incl.
Connection M22 x 1,5
Length min. 2,3 m
Length max. 15,0 m
Weight 3.500 g
Material Full-carbon
HP tube 25 m (DN 6) incl.
Connection M22 x 1,5
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