True Blue Neutralizer

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True Blue Neutralizer 5lts


True Blue Neutralizer 5lts

A neutraliser is used in the softwash business to restore the pH balance of a surface after it has been cleaned with a chemical solution. This is crucial because certain cleaning agents, such bleach or acidic cleaners, can leave behind a residue that is damaging to the surface and could eventually result in damage.

After the cleaning solution has been washed off, an alkaline solution is often sprayed over the surface as a neutraliser. The alkaline solution aids in bringing the pH level back to neutral by neutralising any leftover acidic residue on the surface.

The neutralising procedure helps to safeguard the surface and halt any further deterioration or damage. Also, it aids in ensuring that the surface is secure for use by both people and animals.

Overall, using a neutraliser is a crucial step in the softwash procedure since it ensures that surfaces are cleansed thoroughly and safeguarded from harm.

This high-quality salt and bleach neutralizer is ideal for rinsing bleach-washed surfaces to prevent damage to plants or external surfaces. is best used as a post-wash rinse on plants and windows, to neutralize bleach on roofs with no gutters or bad runoff, or to clean out hoses and equipment. Add it to your truck to have peace of mind when working with SH mixes


Pre-rinse surface with water.

Neutralizing 1-2% SH

Pump Sprayer:

150 mm per  5 litres of water


300mm  per 20 litre bucket.* – *wide open x-jet, no proportioner tip

10:1 Downstream:

600mm per 20 litre bucket


1-2 on dial

Neutralizing 3-4% SH

Pump Sprayer:

300 mm  per 5 litres of water


600mm per 20 litre bucket  – *wide open x-jet, no proportioner tip

10:1 Downstreamer:

1.2 litres per 20 litre bucket


3-4 on dial


To rinse: Rinse long enough to remove soap trace, then stop. Further rinsing will negate the effects .



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