Comet P40 Tsunami Soft Wash Skid System-Honda GX200

$17,200.00 exl. GST

Tsunami Soft Wash Skid System-Honda GX200, Comet

SKU: Comet P40 Tsunami Soft Wash Skid System-Honda GX200



Tsunami Soft Wash System


Pump:  Comet P40 or P36 w/Honda Engine Key Start

Tanks:  *  water tank (optional Extra) ,* 150 lts chemical tank, *  x2- 25lts soap tanks

tank upgrades available in options

Hose reels:  (1) Valley or Summit reel for chemical spray hose, (1) Valley or Summit reel for water tank fill hose (optional Extra)

(hose reels are aluminium frames with stainless steel internals)

Hose:  50m 5/8 chemical resistant spray hose rated to 350psi

Proportioning:  Hydro-Mixer XL w/bypass to pump, 3 metering valve-water, bleach, soap x2

Pump Skid:  HD aluminium base plate

Main Skid:  HD aluminium – Australian Made

Optional -Misc Items:  Chemical resistant poly trigger, 18″ , stainless wand, J ROD w/4 nozzles

Dimensions:  1200mm wide  x 1500mm long

Remote Rinse Module to save walking back to your rig to switch SH to water and shutoff surfactant.  Huge time saver!

Standard accessories:  Red High Flow application and rinse gun.

Upgrade to electric reels.

**each system is custom-made and may vary slightly**





Warranty P40– The warranty does not include any payment for faults due to incorrect usage by the operator and for parts falling
within the usual maintenance, such as: Gaskets, diaphragms sealing rings, oil and so on


  1. 3-Month Warranty on Workmanship: This warranty covers any defects or issues related to the quality of workmanship performed on the product or service for a period of three months from the date of purchase or completion of the work. Workmanship refers to the quality of the labor or craftsmanship involved in producing or installing the product.

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