V4 Porportioner System, chemical injection into yours softwash system through metering valves. Seen here with two soaps.

Softwash Equipment Australia has arrived

Built to evolve. Softwash equipment has come a long way since the early 1970’ies. Pumps, design, and surfactants have changed vastly.

So Blue Tongue Industries have taken from family grassroots a design that will allow a business to change, and grow within the same footprint.

Softwashing is an exterior cleaning process that uses a combination of low-pressure water, biodegradable detergents, and other cleaning agents to safely and effectively clean surfaces without damaging them.

It is commonly used to clean roofs, siding, gutters, decks, and other exterior surfaces.

Softwashing typically uses a combination of detergents, surfactants, and other cleaning agents. An example of a common chemical used in soft washing is sodium hypochlorite (bleach).

These soaps and surfactants are used to help break down dirt and grime on the surface being cleaned. They are also used to help remove stubborn stains like mildew, algae, and mold.

Additionally, the soap and surfactants work by reducing the surface tension between the cleaning solution and the surface being cleaned. This in turn allows the cleaning solution to penetrate more easily into the surface.

This process allows the active ingredients of the cleaning solution (like bleach) to work more effectively, which is especially important when soft washing, as it allows the bleach to get deep into the surface, killing any bacteria or algae in the process, as well as helping to keep sodium hypochlorite in contact longer on a verticle or sloping surface.

Softwash Equipment Australia Brings Options and Variations

Let’s take the best equipment and components from around the world.

We’ll then design a base product.

Follow on by producing some remarkable soft washing skids and components that will make the application of chemical cleaning easier to control and manipulate.

softwash equipment australia - tsunami system

SoftWash. What is it?

Soft washing is a low-pressure washing technique that cleans outdoor surfaces like roofs, facades, fences, concrete, and pathways without harming the surface by combining soaps, bleach, and water.

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Less labour-intensive.

You must be near the surface you are cleaning while pressure washing. So you need more set up time if you want to clean roofs or second levels.

Due to the additional safety measures required when utilising high-pressure cleaning methods, it could also take more time. A mild wash, in contrast, needs less setup and labour. 

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Less impact on property.

A low-pressure washing system lessens the risk of external home damage. You might get granular loss or broken glass if you used high-pressure water to clean delicate surfaces like windows or roof shingles. The roof’s coating may also be removed by pressure washing, which will lessen its capacity to reflect sunlight.

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