SoftWash Proportioners- How Much Soap Do You Draw

Published: August 25, 2023
Written by: blueadmin2

SoftWashing and knowing what and at the concentrations needed can help you save time and money. The softwash skid assemblies we build for the Australian Market, vary with a selection that gives operators a choice in how the product is applied.

A softwash proportioner is a manifold that allows a softwash pump to be drawn from.

XXL Porportioner for Soft Washing. Various combinations, with one or two soaps and selection of barb sizes.
SoftWash Skids, Systems and Parts

The manifold assembly with have various inputs including water, SH (sodium hypochlorite), and one or two soaps/surfactants or degreasers. Each valve assembly controlling these factors is graduated to allow minute adjustments to restrict or allow full flow.

There are many products within our store at Blue Tongue Industries that aid and help with exterior cleaning, degreasing, and sealing. The soap valves are graduated from One to Ten, and graduated in increments.

Soap Selection Ratios:

8 to 10=1:5

Having ideas or guidance can make you more efficient, and save money with the correct dosage. Porportioners and SoftWash equipment from Australia’s market leaders in cleaning equipment.

Last updated: August 26 2023

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