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Solar panel cleaning

With SOLA-TECS C, Cleantecs offers a reliable solution for cleaning and maintaining solar and photovoltaic power systems. The brush rollers are rotated by a small pressure cleaner, and it uses motorless technology.

Because of its compact designs, minimal contact weights, and telescopic lance guiding this portable equipment can rapidly and effectively clean all solar systems. Other uses for solar cleaners, such as washing conservatories and cleaning windows and structures, also yield outstanding results.

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sola-tecs solar panel cleaning
solar panel cleaning

Free-form Innovation

The SOLA-TECS C evolution in the Solar Panel Cleaning industry has given cleaning professionals the ability to tackle small PV installations to commercial projects and solar farms.

The base unit, of SOLA-TECS C, is the focal point of the development. The emphasis was on increased stability and quality. A sturdy hybrid case made of a combination of stainless steel, aluminum, and synthetic materials was given to the base unit.

It is now possible to decrease water consumption from 7–10 l/min to 5 l/min by adjusting the nozzle. This is not just a beneficial ecological feature, but it also creates many new opportunities.

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Investing in Sola Tecs Photovoltaic cleaning is wise.

The necessity of routine cleaning for solar and photovoltaic systems is no longer a secret. All systems should be cleaned at least once while they are in service. With up to 30% of yield losses seen in some systems, a clean system is a must!

Systems built on agricultural structures such as housing cattle, industrial facilities, and roadways with considerable traffic are especially susceptible to heavy soiling. A dirty system can produce 30% less electricity, resulting in 30% less feed-in compensation.

To clarify, maximum yields can only be produced by a clean system!

Solar-powered cleaning with SOLA-TECS C.

Cleantecs provides a qualified solution for maintaining photovoltaic and solar power systems with SOLA-TECS C.

What’s more, with motorless technology and a high-pressure cleaner that rotates the brush rollers, your solar systems may be cleaned quickly and easily with the help of this portable equipment.

In addition, their small designs, light contact weights, and telescopic lance guidance make them easy to handle while on-site. Furthermore, solar cleaners also produce excellent results when cleaning glass roofs and greenhouses.