Solar Panel Cleaning with Sola Tecs and Blue Tongue Industries

Published: November 28, 2022
Written by: blueadmin2

Do you need that edge to take the next step from water-fed pole solar panel cleaning to larger-scale commercial applications? Then Blue Tongue Industries will have you covered with Sola Tecs.

What is your aim? 500, 1000, and 5000 panels per day, then let’s talk about the latest products from Germany.

The swiss cheese needs to be in line, and we have it all together to make it easy. The equipment is a rotating brush that spins via an integral gearbox at high rpm, driven by water pressure alone. A water supply, that being pure water. Two reasons, this will supply a spot-free rinse and provide pure water into the gearbox for long-term life. Water quality differs in all locations and TDS levels with varying impurities will leave water marks, calcium and lime deposits if not removed. A pressure cleaning source will be dependent on hose length. Water storage, now this could be large if you are on a farm or much smaller if only doing a few thousand in one hit. But most of all correct business sense, with training, insurance, and local inductions. Then the Sola Tecs cleaning system will be your brush to cleaning your way to success.

The necessity of routine cleaning for solar and photovoltaic systems is no longer a secret. Almost all systems need to be cleaned regurally. Up to 30% of yield losses are seen in some systems. Systems built in rural areas, dusty environments, industrial facilities, and roadways with considerable traffic are especially susceptible to heavy soiling. These systems produce 30% less electricity, which results in 30% less feed-in compensation. Maximum yields can only be produced by a clean system.

Sola Tecs provides a qualified solution for cleaning and maintaining solar panel power systems with model identified as SOLA-TECS C. It makes use of motorless technology, and a high-pressure cleaner to aid in rotating the brush rollers. This brush system is set at a maxium 1000mm wide. The cylindrical brush systems is cleverly designed to allow the brush to be shortened to 600mm wide by removing segments. Pressure hose can be supplied to suit with extended lengths to reach those solar panels located high on roof tops or deep in solar farms. The length of hose chosen will be dependant on a pressure cleaner to suit, to obtain optimal operating pressure at the rotating brush end. Idealy 1750psi at 10lpm at the brush head will have you cleaning fast and effective.

All solar systems may be cleaned quickly and easily with the help of these versatile portable rotating brush systems because of the compact small designs, light contact weights, and telescopic lance guidance for maxium reach. The solar cleaners also produce excellent results in other applications as well, such as washing conservatories, large flat glass roofs, awnings, canopys and cleaning windows and buildings.

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