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Electricity is and does when taken for granted become a potential mix, that when not managed correctly or used with faulty equipment has the ability to cause serious injury and even death. That is why it is important to Test & Tag on an annual basis to ensure your safety.

Testandtag2go is a Geelong-based business, based in Grovedale. Our business hours are from Monday to Friday, as well as Geelong and the Surfcoast via appointment, prior arrangement, including after hours and weekends. keep up to date, with compliance, in looking after all your test and tag needs.

Poorly maintained electrical equipment represents a threat to life and a major legal liability.

Between 2003–15*:

  • 142 workers died from contact with electricity (ie: 11 deaths annually).
  • 123 (87%) of these deaths occurred during the installation of electrical infrastructure.
  • Almost half occurred in the construction industry.

* WorkSafe Australia

Routine safety testing not only saves lives and provides peace of mind but it is also mandated by most industries.


Each environment presents unique risks to those working with electricity. Some particular items of note are:

  • Cramped, dark, wet, or dusty areas.
  • Areas of high activity and the potential for distraction.
  • Outdoors.
  • Workplaces using corrosive and caustic substances.
  • Zones of extreme heat or cold.
  • Commercial kitchens.
  • Manufacturing environments.
  • Areas with aging are inconsistent and/or poorly maintained electrical infrastructure.


Every workplace must manage its electrical risk. Effective methods include:

  • Regularly testing all electrical equipment
  • The use and routine testing of RCDs


Not only does a regular rigorous inspection and testing of electrical equipment save lives, but it is also a legal requirement for most industries. Test and tag2go offer an array of competitively priced packages to suit all businesses and industries. We are available 24/7 to help keep your business running in Geelong, and surrounding areas.

Meet the friendly Test and Tag 2Go team at Unit 9, Number 8 Lewalan St. Grovedale, or if you need services in Torquay, Surfcoast, we can visit you or see us at our location in Torquay. Phone ahead to confirm.

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Meet us and the team at Testandtag2go and the sister companies at Ionic Systems Australia www.ionicsystems.com.au, and SkyVac Australia www.skyvacaustralia.com.au to help you with your electrical inspections and Test and Tagging.

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