PURE2o Systems

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Van Mount Pure Water Systems built with Ionic Systems renown safety features. 


PURE2o Systems

The Pure2o van-mount range has undergone a complete ground-up revision resulting in an impressive 10% weight reduction for improved payload capacity as well as a 100mm lower center of gravity for improved vehicle handling. In addition, the Pure2o™ range boasts tech options to improve filter performance, RO membrane life, and water quality worthy of the Greek Sea Gods whose names they bear. With new technology such as periodic auto-flush, ROMS™, and PDI™, Pure2o™ water quality moves into the sub-zero ppm range.


Hydros™ is Pure2o’s cold pure water van-mount delivery system. Designed for quick pure water filling from a static water treatment system like QuattRO or filling from a mains water supply.


Proteus™ is a three-stage DI system. Cold pure water van-mount system. Proteus can also be used as a higher-grade delivery system in conjunction with static systems.


Triton™ is a high-performance, manual fill, full five-stage RO/DI system. Fully automated fill with PFS™, ROMS™, & PDI™ is available as an optional extra.


TitanTM is Pure2o’s top-of-the-range, fully automatic five-stage RO/DI system with 240v mains powered boosted fill, PFS™, ROMS™, & PDI™ are all standard features on the Titan™.

Upgrades if not fitted as Standard:

  • PDI
  • Added pump & controller
  • 25L DI vessel upgrade
  • Inline TDS
  • Bespoke charging solutions
  • 12V 115aH battery & cage
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