Roof Wand Kit -19m Complete

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Roof Wand -19m Pole Kit Complete


Roof Wand Kit -19m Complete 

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The Roof Wand ™ can be used with a telescopic mast. With limited effort as an operator, you will gain access over roofs and difficult-to-access areas with ease.

Roof cleaning has traditionally been a difficult task that requires expensive safe access methods such as scaffolding or powered access. Along with the requirement to remove moss or lichen before using a biocide to eradicate the biological life that exists there.


The Ionic Roof Wand ™ provides a secure method of access.

Key to worker safety, the Roof Wand ™ allows the operator to work from the comfort of the ground whilst cleaning the roof tiles and restoring their original appearance. The specially engineered, high-pressure Roof Wand ™ with turbo nozzles enables thorough cleaning in a short amount of time. Furthermore, maximising the spray’s cleaning area and intensity, the nozzles rotate quickly. This action provides a hovering motion making it simple for the operator to control and steer while washing down the roof.

Additionally, the Roof Wand ™ can be used in conjunction with a telescoping mast to enable the operative to easily and quickly gain access over roofs and other challenging terrains.

Washing of the structure is completed from top to bottom. With all moss, dirt, and lichen are collected into waterproof sheets before the garbage is easily disposed of.

As water is forced down onto the surface, it creates a hovering action which allows the operative to easily direct and control to wash down a roof.

The Ionic Pressure Pole can be used across a number of different applications. From High-reach pressure cleaning to building facades signage, mining, fleet, and rail applications. This tool is so versatile.

Kit Includes

19m Pole Kit Assembly

Mast trolley Pumped with Remote

Verticle Mast 6.2m

Note: Pressure Cleaner in addition



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