BE 12in Portable Ventilator

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BE 12in Portable Ventilator


BE 12in Portable Ventilator: Power and Efficiency in a Compact Design

Introducing the BE 12in Portable Ventilator, a robust and efficient solution designed to meet your ventilation needs with unparalleled performance. This compact yet powerful ventilator is meticulously crafted with a 12-inch steel body, ensuring durability and longevity in diverse operational environments.

Equipped with a 10A plug, it operates seamlessly with a 3/4HP motor, offering a voltage rating of 240V and a frequency of 50Hz. This combination of specifications empowers the ventilator to deliver optimal airflow and efficiency, catering to a wide range of ventilation requirements.

A standout feature of this ventilator is its impressive airflow capacity, boasting a rate of 65m3/min. Such high airflow ensures rapid and effective ventilation, facilitating improved air circulation and environment regulation. Whether used in workshops, construction sites, or confined spaces, the BE 12in Portable Ventilator ensures consistent and efficient air movement.

Key features:

  • 12 Inch Steel Body
  • 10A plug 3/4HP/240V/50Hz
  • 65m3/min
  • 3300RPM

Further enhancing its performance capabilities, the ventilator operates at a speed of 3300RPM, optimizing air displacement and circulation. This high-speed operation translates to quicker ventilation processes, minimizing stagnant air and enhancing overall air quality.

Beyond its technical specifications, the BE 12in Portable Ventilator is designed with user convenience in mind. Its portable nature allows for easy transportation and deployment across various settings, providing versatile ventilation solutions where needed. Additionally, the durable steel body ensures resilience against external elements, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

In summary, the BE 12in Portable Ventilator stands as a testament to efficiency, durability, and performance. With its 12-inch steel body, 10A plug, 3/4HP motor, 240V/50Hz rating, 65m3/min airflow capacity, and 3300RPM speed, this ventilator offers a comprehensive solution for all your ventilation needs. Invest in the BE 12in Portable Ventilator and experience unparalleled air movement, regulation, and quality in diverse environments.

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