BE 600mm (24″) Industrial Drum Fan

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BE 600mm (24″) Industrial Drum Fan


BE 600mm (24″) Industrial Drum Fan

Superior cooling performance with the BE 600mm (24″) Industrial Drum Fan, designed to deliver optimal airflow and efficiency in industrial settings. This powerful fan boasts a substantial size of 600mm (24″), ensuring comprehensive air circulation and cooling across expansive areas.

At the heart of its performance lies a 180W Copper Wound Motor, renowned for its durability and efficiency. This motor drives the fan to produce an impressive airflow of 200 m3/Min, ensuring rapid and effective cooling wherever it’s deployed. With a 3-speed functionality, users can tailor the fan’s performance according to specific cooling requirements, offering versatility and adaptability.

Operating at a power of 240V 10A, this industrial drum fan guarantees consistent and reliable performance. The 1.8m cord length facilitates flexible placement options, ensuring optimal positioning for maximum airflow coverage. With a motor speed of 1150 RPM and a noise level of 70dB, this fan strikes a balance between powerful performance and minimal operational noise.

Designed with durability in mind, the fan features a Tropic-Proofed Motor style, ensuring resilience against varying environmental conditions. Although it lacks oscillating & tilt functions, its stationary design enhances stability, making it ideal for industrial environments.

Measuring 740 x 225 x 745mm in shipping dimensions and weighing 17 kg, it offers a substantial yet portable cooling solution. Moreover, its Australian SAA Certification underscores its adherence to safety and quality standards, providing users with confidence in its performance and reliability.

In conclusion, this product stands as a testament to its robust design, efficient performance, and superior cooling capabilities. Invest in this industrial-grade fan for unparalleled airflow and cooling efficiency in demanding environments.


  • Size mm (“): 600mm (24”)
  • Power (Watt): 180W Copper Wound Motor
  • Air Flow (m3/Min): 200 m3/Min
  • Speeds: 3-Speed
  • Power: 240V 10A
  • Cord Length (m): 1.8m
  • Motor (RPM): 1150RPM
  • Oscillating & Tilt: N/A
  • Motor Style: Tropic-Proofed Motor
  • Adjustable Height: N/A
  • Noise Level (dB): 70dB
  • Ship Dimensions: 740 x 225 x 745mm
  • Gross Weight: 17KG
  • Australian SAA Certified
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