BE Poly Carpet Dryer 3SP

$357.00 exl. GST

BE Poly Carpet Dryer 3SP


30″ Industrial Poly Carpet Dryer

The 30″ Industrial Poly Carpet Dryer stands as a premier solution for swift and effective drying in various environments. Firstly, with a focus on performance, this dryer operates at three distinct speeds, generating an impressive 1450CFM of air velocity. Moreover, this feature ensures rapid drying, making it ideal for carpets, floors, and other surfaces requiring efficient moisture removal.

Powered by a robust 3/4 HP motor, the dryer operates at 240V and 50Hz, facilitated by a 10A plug. Additionally, its energy-efficient design is evident as it draws 5A at high speed, 3.5A at medium, and 3A at low settings. This versatility allows users to tailor the drying intensity based on specific requirements.

Weighing in at 13kg and compactly designed with dimensions of H:46CM, L:46.5CM, and W:41.5CM, this dryer offers portability without compromising on performance. Furthermore, its lightweight yet durable construction ensures easy maneuverability, allowing users to transport and position it effortlessly.

In summary, the 30″ Industrial Poly Carpet Dryer encapsulates efficiency, power, and versatility. Whether you’re addressing water damage, drying carpets, or maintaining cleanliness, this dryer provides a reliable solution. Choose this industrial-grade dryer for superior performance and efficient drying capabilities.

Key features:

  • 3 Speed 1450CFM
  • 3/4 HP 240V 50Hz 10A Plug
  • Draws 5A High, 3.5A Med, and 3A Low
  • 13kg
  • H:46CM / L:46.5CM
  • W:41.5CM

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